Pole Fitness Classes (1-5 Levels)

Pole Fitness classes are taught in “Level” Classes.  We offer Level 1 all the way up through Level 5 and Competition Level.  These classes help build strength, confidence and a broad repertoire of pole moves. The classes are RSVP only until the class is full.  Students begin with Level 1 and progress through each Level Series Class, at their own pace, until they reach Level 5 or the Level they feel comfortable in.  Generally, it take  students 4 consecutive classes per Level to be able to progress to the following Level Series Class.

Each Class in any “Level Class” is  $25.00

Level 1 – The Flirt Class

Meet your new dance partner “the pole”! Learn beginner pole, dance and floor moves that tighten and tone your body. Ease into this new body movement that will improve your self-confidence and increase your strength. Learn how to incorporate your new moves, strength and confidence into your first routine.

Level 2 – The Temptress Class

Perfect what you learned in level one, and lift off – performing moves with an element of challenge. Learn additional pole, dance and floor moves which produce another beautifully choreographed routine. You will become more self confident and explore your body’s own organic movement. Pole tricks and dance transitions will flow with the music.

Level 3 – The Vixen Class

You are powerful! Your pole trick repertoire has grown as well as your self-confidence, strength and grace. Your routine is more advanced and you will try your first hand stand move and prepare to flip upside down with Vertical Fitness Dallas. Your personality will translate into your moves, you are a Vixen!

Level 4 – The Diva Class

You are now physically and emotionally stronger! You will climb to new heights on the pole and embrace the your new power in your advanced pole tricks. Your pole moves and your dance will flow seamlessly together. All the elements come together as you own routine emerges. You are a “Pole Diva!”

Level 5 – The Siren Class

As a Sexy Siren you are confidant and fierce! Feeling empowered, you take risks and let yourself shine as you take command of the pole. Your pole tricks and dance now flow beautifully as the music moves you. Enjoy the visual art you have become as a Siren, your dance is irresistible.

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